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Because it's a negative idea as I've explained to you

How many times do I need to explain to you before it sinks into that concrete block you call a head.

BTW anything worth doing never comes easy. Anyone can take camera video at a political event and pretend to be one of us, gain "our" trust, then pretend to do something that will "guarantee" our vote while really with intentions to back up the votes that MSM puts out or maybe a less marginal accounting that has us saying "Well it's a little off but pretty close" so as to lull any said group into believing.

I don't trust you and I haven't for a bit because of your comments. I haven't trusted "Dr.K" either because of his comments that attempted to. out of left field mind you, attach Santorum and the pedophile sports figure into some conspiracy together. I thought then as I still do that it was an attempt to grow legs under something for us to chase down and look ridiculous over.

So take out you, him and your friends and replace with someone like Ben Swann, the campaign especially.. (BTW Love how you skipped over replacing your team with them.. That's another possible indicator to me.) or someone else trusted by the great majority.

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