Comment: " TRADITIONAL journalism?" THAT is the question!!!

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" TRADITIONAL journalism?" THAT is the question!!!

I believe the internet, as both a news and entertainment resource, has been a successful shinning example of liberty and free-markets at work.

Thus, I believe the answer to your question truly lies in us examining and understanding the differences between the old & new information mediums.

In our time, right NOW, we've been given a very precious gift never before in world history. We have the free-choice potential and opportunity to participate in virtually instantaneous, unrestricted, worldwide, 2-way communication with voluntary anonymity.

Take a moment to let that really sink in.

Think about the impact that could have on a world carved up from centuries of war over deeply held ideologies, where communication was localized, restricted and controlled.

Your question is relevant and valid. But realizing and understanding what aspects have made the internet such a comparative success I feel is key to making the world a better place.

The choice is ours... Will we recognize the importance of this moment in history and learn its valuable lesson before it's too late?

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