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so you want to influence the party. Great. But I signed up for Ron Paul to be President. Many say the movement is the important thing but I tell you now, there are few, maybe none, like Ron Paul. A good man, without self ambition, who is principled, and never corrupted. This is our last chance to save our country. The movement is great but people are people and many within the movement will be corrupted as well. Only Ron Paul can be trusted to turn this ship.

And how do you know what Ron Paul will do? He has always stood for the freedom of his supporters. We give him an open door to actually run for President on the national ticket, not a second row seat - and his sense of duty to his country will compel him to walk through it.

You are blinded by the path you have chosen, it has become your master. You have pledged allegiance to a map, and forgotten the destination.

Terence W.