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That... awesome!

Tells it like it really is and maybe, just maybe the mass mind will get it too and toss this same old garbage out once and for all in a quickened way.

We are up against many possible outcomes that could happen even before the election. So, as we continue on the path towards the nomination and election of Ron Paul for President, let us also be aware of the possibilities of another false flag event that could change everything over night.

Luckily, more and more people are realizing who the game players are and why they do these things. Like, who profits from war? We may find out that indeed our military is waking up to the corruptions too and are not going for it.

What a story it would be to hear that our good guys thwarted a real plan by the bad guys working for the banksters to cause some sort of mayhem beginning with the arrest of rham emmanuel as the lead conspirator to commit a terroristic false flag event against the United States...again.