Comment: Is Wead To Be Trusted?

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Is Wead To Be Trusted?

Don't get me wrong -- it's hard to believe Dr. Paul would have hired anyone as Sr. Advisor who has not passed muster.
But for a couple days, I have been a little nervous about Wead. I just learned that he was (is?) REALLY close to the Bushes...special assistant to Bush Sr. when he was president.
It was also discovered that he secretly taped George W. for a couple years before 2000 (it came out in 2005) because he considered the "history" around W. more important than the personal relationship.
What is someone like Wead doing with Dr. Paul? Did he have a conversion from the establishment (anything is possible).

How did you e-mail Wead? I looked for an e-mail for him and couldnt find him. Did you hear back from him?

I know I'm being a bit cynical -- but I'm not sure I fully trust him.