Comment: Take part in a free market!

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Take part in a free market!

Stop watching the military-industrial complex propaganda machine and go to the internet while we still have it. Stop buying your local newspaper if all they're doing is spouting the party line, in a real free market you vote with you money, if you disagree with their toxic products stop buying them. Start your own blogs wake up others and start a few brush fires in the minds of friends and family, with the caveat that those you talk to are free to choose as well and if they don't believe what you have to present to them and won't even take the time to evaluate the truth for themselves so be it. Many people are just mentally lazy and don't want to be troubled with reality and therefore will resist any challenge to their state sanctioned belief paradigm. We are winning my friends don't lose sight of that, just keep planting seeds, harvest time is a comin.