Comment: I started a thread a while back

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I started a thread a while back

to address some of this:

Please have a look at that for some thoughts on which California Congressional
Districts might be the best prospects for Dr. Paul. And definitely check the
extensive advice by John P. Slevin about how to work the target districts
effectively with a grassroots effort.

Note that California's delegates are awarded on a winner-take-all basis
*by Congressional District*.

I looked at what RP's best districts were last time and also analyzed the
2008 results to see which districts had the most "bang for the buck" in the
sense that some districts require a much smaller number of absolute votes
to move the percentages than others.

Basically, in districts where there are few Republican voters at all, as little as
slightly over 100 votes can equal 1% of the total vote for the CD, whereas where
the number of Republicans is much greater 1% might equal 600-700 votes.

Nearly all the districts that are where the overall Republican totals are small
are, not surprisingly, mostly heavily Democratic liberal districts. The small number
of Republicans in those districts makes it relatively easier to contact them
directly. Also, those areas tend to have numbers of strongly anti-drug war/anti-war
in general/pro-civil liberties folks who are not currently registered Republican
but could be persuaded to switch if they were approached right...

Big media buys will hopefully be forthcoming (personally I like RevPAC's commercials
more than what I've seen from the official campaign, though). But in any case,
there are CD's out there where grassroots efforts could win it for Dr. Paul.
But the most winnable ones may be the *least* Republican ones..