Comment: Wear Your Ron Paul Gear, Everywhere

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Wear Your Ron Paul Gear, Everywhere

Okay, make a good impression, of course. Maybe some places wouldn't be appropriate.

But seriously, I wore my Ron Paul hat to Costco Saturday, and had a nice chat with a politically savvy Republican who asked me what I was going to do now that Ron Paul is out of the race.......YIKES!

I said he needed to check the DP for the latest news, because Ron Paul was doing much better than reported and still very much in the race. The problem is the duty/habit voters (who always vote) will vote Romney if they think he's the only option that's not Obama with a chance to win.

We need to get people out - I predict very low voter turnout, but the open primary may or may not impact that one way or the other. People in CA are about to find out (in November) that they voted to disenfranchise themselves (unless our court case to overturn Prop 14 goes our way in the next couple of months).

Google ads aimed at "CA Peace-loving Democrats" might work well to get them to switch, now that they don't have to be registered D for any of the other races.

What do you think?