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Thanks. Now my Question Boils Down to Eligibility

Thank you for the above info. So that means then that what I'm actually confused about is what determines the eligibility to be able to vote. Did you have to be registered by 2/15 or not?

My original understanding was that if you wanted to vote in the caucus you had to be registered by 2/15.
This is consistent with what I heard from our RP coordinators, and consistent with this link:

If the above is true, then all the provisional votes for people registered after 2/15 should quite simply then be thrown out. Right?

But My current understanding (as of Saturday) DEFIES LOGIC and I hope I'm just confused. (i.e. I thought I heard it explained Saturday that you could still vote provisionally if registered after 2/15, but that your provisional vote would only count if it was deemed mathematically to be in play based on the results.) ... so if that's the case, (and then assuming they're counted honestly) then I really see no essential difference between a provisional vote and regular vote!