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Comment: petrafan007 has important things to vote on in Tampa...

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petrafan007 has important things to vote on in Tampa...

... even if he (she?) is bound to support Gov. Romney for GOP nominee. These votes include:

1. Convention Chair (pro-Paul Chair = less Establishment cheating)
2. Party Platform ("We Republicans condemn Romneycare")
3. Vice President (Rand Paul -- even if Romney wants someone else)

There are other issues at stake for the Liberty Movement besides Dr. Paul becoming president in 2012 (important though that is, and we should not give up on that goal). petrafan007, who has worked hard to become a delegate, understands this, and I am glad for that. Please think twice before you start taking shots at someone who is out there actually doing something to help the Liberty Movement succeed.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand