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You misunderstand my position

My position is that we should get as many pro-Paul delegates (like petrafan007) to Tampa as we can. Once there, they attempt to get Dr. Paul nominated as president; they also attempt to do other things as well, like the items I mentioned previously.

I am not advocating for a quid pro quo, and none is needed; if we have enough delegates, we can modify the Platform, elect the Chair, choose the VP, etc., without needing Gov. Romney's permission or agreement. The key will be whether we have the support (Liberty delegates combined with others who happen to agree) to prevail on a particular vote.

It so happens that, because of the binding rules, we may have greater difficulty prevailing on the presidential nomination than we will on some of the other votes. Moreover, in some instances (such as many Platform votes), we will get the support of non-Paul delegates (even Romney loyalists) who will not be supporting Dr. Paul for president.

Bottom line: We go for it all, and win when we can.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand