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The convention is an extravagant dog and pony show. The only item on the agenda that really matters is the pres. nomination.

You are correct in that the numbers on the ground of RP supporters is the deciding factor. Assuming that we do not have numbers to the extent necessary to simply get the things (Platform, VP, etc) we want (my guess is this will be the case but hopefully not) than what will happen is Romney et al will make promises to and pressure delegates in return for the only thing that matters at the convention-their votes- so that no wrinkles appear in his nomination process. The delegates/alternates must be prepared for this.

This is what occurred in 2008 and because of the particularities of the situation delegates/alternates cast their votes for McCain. The Republican establishment left the convention with the only thing that mattered to them- a united front

Nothing, in my opinion, warrants a repeat of this and giving a vote to Romney. Delegates must abstain (if that is the option on first ballot). If not, the entire process to get them there was meaningless.