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> my goal is two-fold ...
•Protect my savings
•Help my fellow human beings do the same

Fine, but that can never happen if monetary unit is something that the Rothschilds (and their Central Banks and Investment Houses) already own, have owned for centuries, and control to a very large extent. So Gold/Silver do not solve the problem here, because it is still under the manipulations of the Banking powers.

Case-in-point: Silver was at $50/oz at this time last year. Since then it sank like a stone, and one whole year later it is still just stuck at $30/oz. This is due to direct manipulation of the price by J.P. Morgan, and by the COMEX market. Just how protected would your savings really be then if you put it into something that can just plummet down 40% by J.P. Morgan and COMEX anytime they want to? Not very!

> "sovereign" is not some magic word that turns statism, tyranny and theft into some force of good. Screw the state exercising sovereign control over my wealth.

Sovereign just means native or independent here. This Country was founded in order to be independent and to separate itself from the British Empire (Imperialism) and from the Rothschilds Bank-of-England corrupt Banking system (which put the Colonies into debt). Guess what? America lost the Revolution: Because that same corrupt Banking model was infiltrated into this Country, and as a consequence we devolved back into the same Imperialism: now being forced to fight all-of-Britian's-Wars for them, and having the same Rothschilds debt-generating Banking system come in and usurp the government and control public policy.

So we lost our National Sovereingty. That is important, and so yes it is a big deal here to understand the meaning of that word. Once again, you will never live under any economic freedom or individual freedom until and unless you get The Rothschilds Empire out of our lives and take away their control.

And Gold won't do that (they own most of it).

> You wish to just transfer ownership of that slavery from bankers to politicians.

Yes....but understand, the Banksters do everything in total secrecy, and not for the good of anybody but solely themselves. They create money (and debt to you) to then give away to Foreign Banks, Wall Street, and finance economic crimes in total secrecy. But a public monetary system would be both transparent, open, and accountable, and also motivated no longer by the Bankers Global enslavement agenda, but instead to National (or sovereign) concerns.

Transfering that control is necessary, for it is the only thing that takes away their global power and subjugation. This is the only way to ever get Independence.

>As long as there are free thinking human beings on this earth, some will aspire to greater power. The only way you make that agenda go away is to totally crush the spirit of every individual human being

No way. Free thinking human beings, whatever they wish, are totally powerless in comparison to The Rothschilds and the Global Banking System. This monolithic money power (Money Masters) has controlled governments all over the damn World (including our own) for centuries. Taking away their power would be an act of true liberation here, that would finally break the chains of the modern feudal system. And this system is indeed privately controlled - which is why every President always has a cabinet made up of Goldman Sachs executives.

>Giving government the power to print money is the opposite of what needs to happen.

Once again, you don't understand World History.

You simplify things, and try to make the mere concept of public representation (i.e., government) evil. It is not. The evil is easily identified though. It comes from the Rothschilds using their wealth, and control of money, to buy off the governments all around the World -- through their Central Bank profit (for them) and debt system (for the victims).

This is where the motivations for the New World Order agenda come from, and it is these people who profit and benefit.

Government is just a service. If it is controlled by Private Power (Wall Street, Morgan-Rockefeller, Rothschilds) than it is an evil and selfish service. If it is controlled by a dictactor than it is an evil service. But if it is truly controlled by public representation, and it never reliant on private Bankers or private power to exist -- then you finally have independence, public control - i.e. a good service.

Your Fire Department is a good government service. Why? Because it is a transparent and accountable service that is paid for by your town, and the criminal Rothschilds/Rockefellers/Morgans/etc. do not control it. But if your Fire Department was run by a global criminal Mafia racket then it would be an evil service. Get it?

The same principle holds with monetary policy. The overidding objective here has to be to break free from The Rothschilds Empire (Private Central Banks, and Global Banks) and massive control.

That's what Bill Still's approach does, and Gold/Silver won't.