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Be careful of using force of numbers: If you strip one state delegation, other delegates may see this as unfair (undemocratic) and there could be blowback.

In winner-take-all states for Santorum, it might be seen as a kindness simply to unbind them -- but first invite them to a sit-down with Ron Paul.

Also, point out to the delegates that holding out means they'll have to be wooed (some things never change), whereas, if they give their votes to the presumed winner as they are expected to do, they'll just be taken for granted.

All this should be considered, but I'd leave the strategy to an expert few, and keep their advice out of the public eye. What we need to work on is a strategy, with back-ups, for communicating on the floor, and brainstorming with your fellow delegates what to do in different scenarios (so, for example, we don't nominate too many delegates and split our own vote).

What do you think?