Comment: His contempt shows in every gesture, expression and word

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His contempt shows in every gesture, expression and word

"Real" economists such as Paul Krugman respond with bemused condescension to any assertion by "laymen" (which is how they view Dr. Ron Paul) that their theories and programs are fundamentally flawed. Even catastrophic failures do not cause them to question their premises; they merely conclude the failures would have been avoided if they had not been so timid in their interventions.

Krugman, Bernanke, et al. dismiss any criticism as hopelessly ignorant of the deep realities of economic truth, which only they have acquired after intense and specialized training, and which are completely inaccessible to everyone else.

Economics is the theory, study and knowledge of how we in society interact with each other. The unspoken boast of Krugman and his ilk is that only THEY really understand US. In their minds, we do not understand our own deeply flawed motivations and actions and are therefore individually and as a society absolutely dependent on them to prevent us destroying ourselves.

Their contempt of the people - you and me - shows in every gesture, expression and word. If, as individuals and as a nation, we were prospering under their guidance they would perhaps deserve our respect and deference.

But we are not prospering and their elevated position is illegitimate.