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I was there, and they said the Provisional Ballots would be counted if the person (I forget the exact title) determined that they would make a difference in the final count of the delegate votes. Between the 6 people that ran to be a delegate, the votes were between 118-136. The Top 3 had 136, 127, 126, so OBVIOUSLY these votes could in fact have a determination on the final delegate count, so they should and better be counted (as long as they were registered on time of course).

And while there was some yelling and shouting, many were due to the fact that we repeatedly asked for a specific rule to be read. There was a case that one of the ballots was considered "ineligible" because it had 4 names (not allowed more than 3). But, the 4th name on that one ballot was "Ron Paul" written in place of a crossed out "Mitt Romney" (printed at the top of the ballot), so many of us were looking for clarification of the rule; whether or not the rules stated that there could not be "more than 3 names on the ballot, or 3 DELEGATES names on the ballot." The chairwoman would not provide this information, so that's why there was shouting, and it was NOT JUST RON PAUL SUPPORTERS!

And lastly, she was in NO DANGER. I walked outside and she had no police escort with her, she walked out safely on her own and seemed happy to do it. There was a police car there, but it was a single car and was there before the caucus even began.

I have the ENTIRE thing on video tape, so I will be contacting you, and Doug Bennet hopefully gets the information he needs. I will try to post on youtube or tomorrow.