Comment: When Elections are called

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When Elections are called

Organized takeover. Extorted theft will be called tax. Patriot act will be enforced by traitors. Child propaganda indoctrination camps will be called school. Terrorist torture will be called rendition. Life in prison will be called indefinite rendition. The constitutional rights will be usurped with no refusal weekends.

Oh well we all get it we are in the Bizzaro world where the twisted corrupted duped propagandized masses will believe that an majority election is not a takeover. When the vote count is corrupted by Diablo machines manufactured in a zionist cheating lying foreign corporation would we call that a takeover. When MSM is nothing but lies and propaganda would that be referred to as a takeover. When an ineligible usurper foreign illegal immigrant cheating liar with multiple social security numbers and birth certificates would that be called a take over.

Discussed is the only word.