Comment: Of course there is the larger picture....

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Of course there is the larger picture....

and future opportunities need to be taken into account.

I agree with much of what you say. However, take your high number of roughly 400 RP supporters (whatever stripe-bound, unbounded, etc.). The only power held by those delegates is in public relations. Romney will win (unless perhaps the Gingrich and Santorum ones come over to RP). It does depend on the final numbers.

And so the horse trading begins for platform planks, possible VP nominees, etc. But there is nothing to offer Romney for any of this except delegates votes.

I agree that there should be no quid pro quo, RP people should not vote for Romney. I sense that some will however. The VP possibility raises that disturbing option. Voting for Romney so that a 'Liberty' person will be VP? Given his stated goals to continue and expand the wars this is an immoral pact with the devil which should not be made and standing up against Romney is a lot more than a 'food fight'.