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Comment: Ummm, with all due respect,

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Ummm, with all due respect,

Ummm, with all due respect, from what I have been learning from reading a book The Red Amendment, by LB Bork. And, his founding of the Peoples Awareness Coaltion, This comment is somewhat correct, but,is very close to what the real ailment that our de jure America is suffering from.

One needs to go back alittle further, than 1871. One needs to go back to 1868.

Actually, it was through the announced ratification of " their " 14th Amendment, and its Citizenship naturalization, that was, put on everyone, automatically, upon birth, in our states/nations. If "they" didn't have authority, over the peoples, in the states first, then nobody, would have been able to do anything. Allowing banks to enslave us all with their debt game or any other corporations to dictate anything via lobbying.

We owe all, of what ails America now, to our originally, de jure elected representatives, for keeping, this Communistic Silent War, in motion/action, at that time. Any of them, that do find out now, what the real deal is,(usually money is what keeps them quiet/going along with their new program) and choose to do nothing, to help bring back our Founders original intent of Founders, intended course for us(states) are guilty of Treason.

Though, Section Three of 14th Amendment, has a Savings Clause in there. They think, cause 14th Amendment Citizens are electing aka consenting, to their positions. That they will not be held accountable when our de jure America and her organic U.S.Constitution and Bill of Rights are restored to Founders original intended course, before they hijacked/pirated/raped/looted/stole/confiscated illegally/fraudulently took our America away.

Please, go to this awesome site, from author of book, The Red Amendment, LB Bork. (hint, if you click on Sarah's picture going, shhh) great new upandcoming band, 4 On The Floor.. debut song,
Workin Man Zombie..

Also, I strongly suggest for everyone to start reading book, The Red Amendment, in honor of May Day, World Communism Day.. Since reading this book, I have not looked back at the old way of indoctrination. This book, shows us, the Real Deal, working against our organic (pre14th Amendment) U.S.Constitution & Bill of Rights (first twelve). The Deal that keep under the table from us.

Be Safe. LoveandPeace,Mylene