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Oh, and I want to add, that,

Oh, and I want to add, that, when we consent to this newly created form of a political system (14th Amendment created new political system) (not the one, that the Founders created)we are actually in eyes of law, committing a crime against our original state governments. As, 14th Amendment Citizens, we are pulled into jurisdiction of DC (naturalization does this) (and it is automatic upon birth) and the fact that we do not utilize our ability to leave DC jurisdiction. We, then, are in fact, consenting to their authority in DC Federal Government's jurisdiction, cause we have left our state's original jurisdiction statuses.

For you see, in order for this Communistic newly 14th Amendment created Federal Government, for them to be considered legal. They had to get us to agree to their power/authority over us, and they do that, with naturalizing us all, as 14th Amendment Citizens. And when, we do not leave, their DC status, we, in eyes of law, have abandoned our state governments, in favor of DC's new federal government, rule over all the peoples. And, in supporting an illegally created federal government,it, is a crime in international law.

Instead of convicting us, they get to enslave us.(In laws/rules of war aka Lieber Military Code) This is where the bankers get to prey upon us, cause they know the law and they know we don't, and how we are all enslaved instead of being convicted of abandoning our original de jure state governments.

Sorry, if I am going on. I need to emphasize the importance of the 'Expatriation Act', it was passed the very day, before the announcement of ' their ' 14th Amendment. (look it up, the dates) I call the 'Expatriation Act', our 'Escape Hatch Out', of their neoRome.

If, they did not offer us, this 'Escape Hatch' out of their newly created political system, they would be considered illegal, criminal in eyes of law. What they don't tell us, is, when, we turn of legal adulthood age, we have the right to leave their fake/bastardized new political system via the 14th Amendment. We have lawful right to leave it, via the Expatriation Act aka Escape Hatch, back to our original state governments (before the 14th Amendment).

I can not suggest strongly enough, to get this new number one, underground book. Ron Paul is on correct track, almost there, but, still like most of us, does not see the Real Deal on the table, as this book, The Red Amendment does. <3

Be Safe. LoveandPeace,Mylene