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Extortion may be the word

"I would say, it is comparable to a ransom?"

The demand that honest productive people want filled by government is a demand for a supply for honest government and to hire government employees to produce a means by which victims are disconnected from criminals.

Those who want to be victims can hire people to make them victims, honestly.

No one uses those words other than me, but those are just words.

What do honest productive people demand as their voluntary choice to pay into a government fund, so as to get what they are paying to get?

That intends to be the honest version of government - in so many words.

The fraudulent version fills that demand with false versions.

We The People want Liberty, we The People get Legal Crime instead.

Some are satisfied, others less satisfied, but we all pay more to get more of the same.

Case in point:

No one is above the law.

According to who?

That is honestly reasonable: no one is above the law.

What actually does happen? What are we paying for instead?

Why, if it is honestly reasonable that on one is above the law, why is it then OK for some people to extort payments from other people as those legalized extortionists resort to deceit, threats of violence, and acts of vicious, terrible, torturous, and mass murderous violence upon multitudes of innocent victims?

We are given clues as to the honest, and accurate, answer.

National Interest.

When the criminals running The Federal Reserve System of Legal Extortion create as much purchasing power as everyone else combined, as they did in 2008, they buy something with that Legal Power to Purchase, otherwise they would have no reason to create that much Legal Purchasing Power.

The actual reasons for doubling the money supply, and the actual purchases purchased can be discovered, as in court cases whereby the aim is to discover the facts, but those criminals are not on trial.

What would happen if you were very good at hacking and you did the same thing that those criminals did in 2008, you do that same thing today, before lunch. You hack into the right hard drive and you give yourself as much Legal Purchasing Power as everyone else combined, today.

Now you have a Legal Bank account with about 13 zeros following a number 1.


Something of that magnitude.

In doing that act you have effectively stolen half of the Purchasing Power of everyone else combined, including the Legal Criminals at The Federal Reserve. You are keeping pace with those Legal Criminals at The Federal Reserve: one-up-man-ship.

You can do even better than The Federal Reserve in The National Interest, if you are more clever then they are, in demonstrable fact.

Is that a crime whereby the whole country is made victim by your act, the whole "Nation" State (Despotism)?

What do you do with that much money?

What could you get if you loan it out at 1% interest?

How much could you collect from those who borrow your 1 and 13 zeros worth of money per year, straight interest?

National Interest, of course.

"1) The first time was for personal liberty when I was set free from my sin debt. I was 7."

Competitive successes are worth copying, it seems to me, examples worth emulating.

"2) The 2nd was this year when I voted for Ron Paul. I used to pull the straight ticket handle. Now I will never do that again. I will now vote for Liberty so long as the Liberty Candidates continue to stand for and work for Liberty."

Was that done on one of those voting machines where the frauds can count whatever they choose to count, or was it harder for the frauds to count whatever they choose to count on an earlier mechanical device?

The act of communicating your demand to reject more liars hired to protect us may have been more effective than the "pull" on some devious "handle". I'm guessing.

"I do not feel I am ready to no longer sign the duress documents. Hopefully Ron Paul will win and takes steps to peacefully liberate the American people."

You are writing on a forum, what are the possible consequences? You are doing, right here, nothing less than signing a new Declaration of Independence, as far as the Legal Criminals are concerned, you are a threat, because you know better. They, of course, will have a Top 10 list. So long as Ron Paul is still alive, you are probably safe, but I'm still guessing.

Thanks for the link, if you post that link on a new Topic, then that link may gain more currency compared to having that link posted in this thread. Either way it is better than having such vital information kept secret.

"So I may not have to move to Utah after all if Ron Paul is elected and gold & silver become legal tender to COMPETE with the Federal Reserve."

If you produce something worth keeping, such as life, liberty, and the power to pursue happiness, then a state with Competitive Legal Money will, at least, be better at securing your excess or surplus wealth, that you honestly produce, so who can ask more of you?

I can't ask any more, don't tread on me.

"Have you taken part in the republican party leadership to throw weight behind Liberty?"

I'm recovering from a few setbacks, but I once managed to get on the ballot in the "race" for Congress. I've been spreading the word, to my capacity, about Ron Paul's messages for some time. I don't follow the rules, however. I do not obey orders well, or follow the herd.

"However, I am speaking boldly to those I know and have swayed the vote of several to our Liberty Candidate."

If Ron Paul is elected, and if the Federal Reserve criminals no longer enforce their fraud, no more National Income Tax, and The Troops are no longer doing what they do best in the wrong places, then We The People can look for even better examples of honest people to hire as champions of Liberty, what would stop us?

"I can only hope that this movement is not being allowed in order to out the voice of freedom in order to squelch it, which is one of my primary fears. But fears have been laid aside in that regard."

World War III, as was the case with World War II, has been on the schedule, and from every angle I have so far entertained, there is no way to explain Ron Paul other than as a power against Legal Crime. If the Legal Criminals have allowed Ron Paul's messages to gain currency, which is very unlikely, then they have made a serious error, in my opinion.