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Comment: A post from yesterday was saying

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A post from yesterday was saying

the ronpaul2008 youtube channel was not removed, but updated to ronpaul2012..When you go to the ronpaul2012 youtube channel, it says its been active since April 2006 with over 60,000 subscribers and almost 11,000,000 views, so I assume that's true...P.s...Gingrich makes me sick to my stomach :-) I clicked on the video for about 3 seconds and noticed he has comments and likes disabled so I clicked right off, hopefully it didn't count as a view for him...Still all about attention Newt, trying to see how many people he can get to listen to his dumb*ss..Sorry, I like the intent of your post And gave you an up vote, but I would strongly suggest not racking up a bunch of views for this losers youtube different if he allowed us to voice our opinions there..

Update: Okay, maybe it was technically shutdown, now I don't know...
Link below explains..But the ronpaul2012 youtube channel does say its been active since 2008

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