Comment: I don't care who likes him or

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I don't care who likes him or

I don't care who likes him or not. As long as he would not be so dumb (and I doubt he would be) to bullhorn at the convention, to me, not many deserve such a spot as he would, if he wants it. I would be proud to vote Alex in as a delegate. All these people seem to "pre-pick" who they think would be a good delegate. Although last time (in a different county) I was elected a state delegate and the ONLY RP supporter in my GOP, who passed out Constitutions to them all and worked so hard, I was informed in THIS election I was NOT allowed to be a delegate FROM the Campaign!! It upset me a lot, as I had no idea that delegates had been hand picked even before they got elected in their county's GOP meeting. I did get elected, and then was informed NOT to pay the money and file for state because THEY had already decided who would be on the "slate". To me, it sucked, I got really mad and then very sad. That the campaign would feel I am not "good enough" to be a delegate for Ron although I had already gone once and elected twice, was very disappointing and off-putting. You are wrong to judge Alex. If he wants to, and got elected, I think he would be fine.