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Lets look at this way for a minute:

First thing I'll address: It could very easily be argued in court that the IRS is meddling in our estates by bonding the social security # to your "legal person" without your written consent to administer that estate.

The parents and gov't/corp.US came together and created a new legal entity (name of birth certificate), which is the Executor. Since we are children and can't manage our own affairs yet, our parents (the grantor's) gifted our portion of the commonwealth to the trust of the corporation known as the UNITED STATES. The parents are the grantor/beneficiary at the same time. Whoever puts the value in, is who the benefits are owed to.

Now that you are of legal age, the parents step aside and the living you is now able to legally contract, so now we switch from Trust Law to Corporate Law, and now you (the living man) become the beneficiary/shareholder of the "legal fiction" corporate "name". The shareholder can appoint a director to set policy for the employees (gov't/trustees) to follow to produce the best return possible for the shareholders/beneficiaries.

Now we have a different relationship with gov't/corp.US and they work for us, not the other way around.

Remember: You are an integral part of the corporate relationship; without you the living man, there can be no corporation/legal person. The gov't/corp.US couldn't/can't do business with the living man, so they had to create you an "agent in commerce" aka "legal person" to deal with.

We are now in a business relationship with gov't/corp.US, in which we are the Shareholders (CEO/Beneficiary) of the "legal person" corporation, and the gov't/corp.US are the Trustees (employees). As shareholders we can appoint directors to set policy for the employees to follow to make us the most amount of money possible.

When you go to court, everyone there is an "agent" of that "legal person"; the judge and prosecutor are the employees/trustees; you and I the living are the shareholders/beneficiaries and directors if you choose yourself to be the director.

The birth certificate is the only document we have that proves the gov't/corp.US has an obligation to you and I, the living person. Their obligation is to collect taxes from their employees and pay those taxes to you and I as money owed to us for their use of our natural resources/land, etc. Remember, they are the foreigners, we are the inhabitants/natives, beneficiaries of the land our creator granted to us.

But they haven't been doing that; instead they are extorting money out of us to pay us money they owe US. If the gov't owes the people, how can they make the people pay them instead? Gov't can't function without you and I, we are the backbone; we are the investors; they are the employees.

They are attempting to administer that estate by presuming you into the trustee/employee position of the business relationship, which would make them the beneficiary/administrator.

So we have a SS Card and Birth Certificate in our possession, but that doesn't automatically mean that everything that "agent in commerce" does is a function of gov't/corp.US; this is a presumption on their behalf, and it is just not true.

Now the gov't/corp.US can't just go meddling in the affairs of this "legal person/corporation" without our written consent. They cannot contract with me without my consent. They can't force me into a contract either.

They can presume the "legal person/corporation" is performing a function of gov't/corp.US all they want because we have a Birth Certificate or SS Card, but there's a little thing called "rebuttal" that we don't exercise enough and they capitalize on it.

They are there to make us money; we are the shareholders/beneficiaries of the legal person/corporation, and gov't/corp.US are the employees. Employees don't tell shareholders and directors what to do (at least their not supposed to), but if you don't understand the business relationship, they are more than happy to switch roles with you.

Yes, the CEO/Beneficiaries of the corporation are liable for income taxes, but only if he/she is/was performing a function of gov't/corp.US at the time the money was made they claim you owe taxes on.

So the gov't/corp.US is operating under the "presumption" that "agent in commerce/legal person" is operating in the capacity of, or performing a function of their gov't/corp.US anytime you the living man makes any money, even if you made that money flipping hot dogs at the park concession stand M-F.

Now, they can't force me the living man into an employment contract with them, but we can sit down and come to an agreement that includes my salary; benefits; hours; and rules and regulations (statutes) I have to follow if I do take the job.

Just because I have the birth certificate in my possession (which I'm now the CEO/Director/Shareholder of that corporate legal person), and I have an SS Card in my possession, does not mean I was making my money as an employee of their gov't/corp.US at the time they say I owe taxes on?

What if I opened a bank account using the SS Card with the possible intention of working for them someday, but just haven't made the decision to do so yet? Is there an agreement we signed at the bank while opening the account that states the only money you can withdraw/deposit into this account is money you made while performing a function of gov't/corp.US?

Did you sign something when opening that account that stated you could not run any money you might make while working for Taco Bell, Home Depot, KFC, or Burger King through that account because those checks don't have a gov't/corp.US signature/stamp on them?

And did you sign something saying that even though you work for Home Depot, KFC, Taco Bell, because you're using that account, it gives gov't/corp.US an automatic entitlement to 25% of your paycheck every Friday? Or is this why the gov't/corp.US wants you to file the "gifting tax" form 1040 every year; because this act of filing is the only legal leg they have to stand on if you're not or wasn't performing a function of gov't/corp.US when you made the money they say you owe taxes on?

Without that signature on the 1040, would that be extortion/theft, or meddling in the affairs of the estate you the living man are the Beneficiary of?

Is it law that you can't open a bank account using the SS Card # and funnel money through that account while working somewhere other than for the gov't/corp.US? Is that fraud? Just because you "unknowingly" and by "trickery and deceit" opened an account using the SS Card # does that imply you are from that point forward acting as an agent/employee of gov't/corp.US; who's getting a paycheck from them?

Don't you have to be paid for your services/employment; shouldn't there be an employment contract you signed with gov't/corp.US that is an agreement between the two parties of your pay, benefits, days off, etc?

Or are you just "presumptively" gifting them 25% of your KFC/Home Depot check because you used the SS Card # when applying for the job, and agreed to let them take out state/fed taxes (gifts) through that with holding agent, and their proof that you are allowing this is your willful filing of the "gift tax" form 1040 in case you someday wake up and realize the fraud and try to sue them, they can say "Hold on now buddy, you gifted us this money, here's your signature on this 1040 that proves it?"

Could the whole tax scheme be, you use the SS Card as a number, like an EFT number that allows the Humane Society or IRS/Gov't/Corp.US to withdraw lets say $20.00 per/month out of your checking account as a gift/donation to them, but anytime you decide you're not in the "gifting mood" anymore, can you demand they stop withdrawing funds?

I personally thinks it's just a big presumption/agreement/donation scam, and the gov't/corp.US needs the 1040 filed every year to give legitimacy to the theft/donation of your money. They can't provide payroll records to prove their claim of employment, so they depend on your ignorance and donations to keep them afloat.

Is the fact you used the SS Card as ID when you opened the checking account a penalty/fee/guaranteed donation of 25% every Friday as a fine/fee for using the account for reasons other than an employee of the gov't/corp.US that's receiving one of their paychecks on the 1st and 15th? If so, is that a deceptive contract without full disclosure?

Remember: We The People are the creditors, they the gov't/corp.US are the debtors; the borrowers; the trustees/employees, but they have managed to reverse the roles on us by holding a mirror up in front of us.

Questions to be answered :)