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no intention of selling

I think there's still too much manipulation going on by the morgue and others. Look at the massive gold smackdown yesterday AM. I'm acquiring silver not to make money, but to retain wealth for my family when SHTF.

I have lots more stacking to do, and I doubt I'd even remotely consider dumping any oz of silver unless we see CRAZY prices like several thousands per oz... maybe. If they made it attractive enough I guess to only sell off 1-2 and get a few hundred to few thousand FIAT and then use that for other prep supplies that havne't got up in monopoly money costs yet, I suppose THAT might make sense, but I don't trust the market manipulators, nor do I trust myself to guess the highs or lows well enough. Buy early, often, in dips,and stack stack stack. "money" saved in other vehicles is there to gain (or lose) with things like markets and casinos and such I guess. The stack is the long term wealth retention strategy realized. :)

We'll see, but personally I don't plan to divest of anything even if there is a short term spike.