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The restaurants

probably wouldn't take a chance. Small restaurants are like small farmers--totally liable for anything that happens.

I have 4 chickens (babies) and I can't guarantee they aren't going to come into contact with some type of poison due to the surrounding fields. Push come to shove, the neighboring farmer would probably poison my chickens just to get rid of me. Yeah, he's an a**.

lol though it was years later, I found out the small farm people were making as much money as supervisors were at GM. As kids, arrogant as we were, we looked down on the farm kids. They had to get up and shovel manure, feed livestock, before they even had breakfast. Smug as we were, we didn't have to do all that. We babysat or mowed lawns for "real money".

the only way a difference is going to be made is by you, the consumer. Read everything you can, including "pink slime" and make your dollar go where it needs to go. Surely, any one living in a city can take a 30 minute drive to a local free range farmer. Prices aren't much different than in the store. The food can be frozen, even eggs, or have a once a week "cook day" and freeze everything for the week.

Just amazing how good the natural grown food is. Might have to allow your body to adjust, but it is worth the price.

As far as the cost for my 4 girls, well, let's say raising them myself, I could have bought--even free range eggs for the next ten years for the start up costs of these little devils. Let's not even talk about the time to change their bedding every other day, clean out their water, their feed, etc. But I love it.