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I am working on a family farm run by a man near 70 that has been steady at it for the last thirty years+. It was his dad's before him and his grand fathers originally.

Today it is on it's last leg. Big ag and gov regs. have made it very difficult to stay afloat and the animals are suffering for it. I think he would like to quit but just doesn't know how. It is in his blood now.

His son and I talk about taking over but it just so hard to make it profitable let alone something to live off of.

You loved your animals. I see the same thing in the man I work for. You have to love them to want to do this kind of work.

It is rubbing off on me. I have delivered several calves and am endeared to them now. I would love to live this kind of a life. I just don't know how it could even be possible. There are only five farms like ours left in two counties. It is the end of an era.

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