Comment: That's why I'm proud to be a Granger

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That's why I'm proud to be a Granger

It's an old fraternal organization that continues to stand for small farms and farmers. The Patrons of Husbandry, AKA The Grange, established after the Civil War, also established the State and County Fairs, 4-H, Ag and Home Ec in colleges, Universities and co-ops.. most co-ops were run by Granges way back when. The Grange had women voting before the states or nation, here in CA women voted in 1909.

I learned how to write resolutions at my Grange, where my last two were passed by the CA State Grange, labeling GMF, and Allowing Raw Milk/ food products to exist... we had over 50 resolutions, not all pass... I learned Roberts Rules of Order and got practice using it.. and we have allot of classes, husbandry, sweing, cooking, canning, perma culture, bee keeping, on and on...

My county has 9 active Granges, we have dances, provide funds for scolarships and non-profits.. anything with AG, we do it.. If you live by a Grange, they usually have the best pot lucks before or after the meetings, mostely home grown foods.

And we have songs from the 1900s one of my favorites is "It's a Good Thing To Be A Granger".. oh and we have a 11 story building in DC, where we used to lobby representatives, until the big corporations and government kicked us to the side...