Comment: My reponse comment to his NY Times post

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My reponse comment to his NY Times post

Mr. Krugman,

“If Ron Paul got on TV and said “Gah gah goo goo debasement! theft!” —which is a rough summary of what he actually did say — his supporters would say that he won the debate hands down; I don’t think my supporters are quite the same, but opinions may differ. ” ???

Isn't that beneath you to sink to such a immature level? For a man of your credentials, you should be able to carefully dis-construct Dr. Paul's position. Instead, you resort to school-yard mocking and saying it is suitable as a "rough summary" of Ron Paul position.

I think the Good Doctor rattled you, and this response proves it. Very unbecoming of a man from Princeton and a Pulitzer prize winner, don't you think?

I feel the main difference between you and Dr. Paul is that while you think quantitative easing, Keynesian economics, and inflation is good for government spending and corporations who benefit from it, Ron Paul stands up for the ordinary citizen who is the loser in the exchange, especially those with fixed incomes.

Inflation may not affect you with your income, but if you shopped for groceries over a period of several months like the rest of us working stiffs, you would see how the money games played by the Federal Reserve are hurting the average American citizen spending power..

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