Comment: If big agribusiness can do

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If big agribusiness can do

If big agribusiness can do the job better and more cheaply such that fewer workers are required to produce the same product then shouldn't we support the idea of specialization of labor as free market economics.

There will be a place for the family farm producing non-GMO crops and sell locally as long as there are consumers willing to pay the premium for these products.

The fact that the farms are being sold because they are not profitable would be the invisible hand at work...

Remove all farm subsidies and allow the free market to flourish in its natural environment and see if these large companies want a part of these farm. Won't happen though because this is a symptom of the Corporatist system that has developed in this country. Corporations lobby congress (or convince the small farmer to lobby congress) to vote money to go to farms and then the Corporations buy the farms to take advantage of the influx of money.

Yes.. I have been reading some Milton Friedman lately... Only 20 years too late..