Comment: This campaign is going to be the most

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This campaign is going to be the most

interesting I have ever witnessed in my life. It will be so exciting to see the smile wiped off Romney's face when he doesn't win on the first round at Tampa. I run into a Santorum backer today in Minnesota. I was so happy to report to him that Ron Paul won 20 out of 24 CD delegates. He was shocked, because the MSM here has been silent, only talk about Romney and Obama. Then I told him Paul has the 5 states to challenge Romney at Tampa. He said Paul has no chance because Romney has all the delegates already. I told him these were mostly Paul supporters as Romney delegates.

It is such a shame this is a very honest Christian man that has been totally duped by the GOP. I did tell him to get behind the only Christian man left in the race.

Romney's chances of winning the Whites house -0% , which is less than the Geico duck.

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