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In Missouri ...

... the 24 national delegates FROM CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT CONVENTIONS are 12 Romney, 7 Santorum, 4 Paul, 1 Gingrich.

The STATE CONVENTION HAS NOT BEEN HELD YET. There are 25 national delegates at stake. Given the outcome of the district conventions, since the delegates to state are generally the sum of the same delegates to all of the district conventions, it is very wishful thinking to believe that we will win any of the 25 at the State convention.

I do not know that we were railroaded at any of the district conventions, but generally the RP factions had a plurality, sometimes very near a majority, and establishment factions joined to make sure that the candidate of the Constitution got throttled.

In at least one district convention, we had a slim majority, then a handful of RP delegates walked out before election of the slate. We lost. In another we were only a few votes short of a majority, the Romney and Santorum factions about the same size, joined with each other. We lost it all there.

The Santorum people say they want the Constitution. They say they hate Romney because of RomneyCare and many other issues, and that Romney is not acceptable. They have an opportunity to make good on those words in the various upcoming state conventions, especially in Missouri. Join with Romney and get ObamaCare Lite and lose the Constitution, or join with Ron Paul and get the Constitution and throw out ObamaCare. It seems like a simple choice, yet some are still having trouble with it.

We welcome new supporters every day, from a lot of different paths and factions. But we still have a lot of work to do.