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You are a collectivist, and you argue with yourself

You continuously use the word "ALL" when talking about farmers receiving subsidies. Well, that's just a lie. Your argument discredits itself. If all small farmers received all these subsidies you swear they do then they wouldn't be going out of business, now would they? Heck no, they'd have plenty of gov't (taxpayer) $$ to cover operating expenses.

I don't think there is anyone on this site that approves subsidies for anything. I don't. Obviously you don' you loud and clear. The reason small farmers are going out of business is not due to competition within the market or because they are receiving all of your money on a daily basis. Grain & milk markets aren't competitive, don't you understand that?? There is a set price for those items, turn on your radio and listen to the grain markets or the dairy update. Every farmer gets the same price, big or small. So why on Earth are these small farmers unable to continue a tradition that has been in their families for generations??? (turning on caps lock so maybe you will "get it" this time) Your answer is: REGULATIONS!!!! The government has imposed ridiculous regulations on the small farmer to drive them out of business and it is working! Is it feasible for an aspiring dairyman to fork out upwards of a million dollars to meet the regulations of a Grade A Dairy when he only wants to milk 50 cows? No. But that would be a fairly small investment for a 10,000 head dairy. It doesn't pencil out for a small grain farmer to pay the huge costs of acquiring a grain marketing license so that he may sell his grain to a retail market. So he must sell to a licensed elevator for a set price. There is no free market involved in agriculture, the USDA will be involved one way or another.

And the last beef I have with you is the whining about a manure spreader. Really? I think it's great when I see a manure spreader, you wanna know why? It's a wonderful natural fertilizer and I'm glad that they choose to use a natural product over a chemical product. I wish more farmers did.

I'll await your reply that includes something about ending subsidies, although the issue has already been discussed at great length and it seems that all replies are in agreement with you, and that includes me as well. Do I need to take your stick away, so you'll quit beating that poor dead horse? Or, as my grandfather used to say, "You're milking a dry cow".