Comment: Just got verified in Government Center - I think we are now tied

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Just got verified in Government Center - I think we are now tied

Met up with Doug Bennet and went down to Government Center to verify that I was a registered Republican as of 2/1/12 and that I should never have received a provisional ballot. Doug has all the official paperwork from the election department and we will file a protest to get my ballot to count.

A few things:
1) It honestly was total luck that I stumbled on this thread. I had to leave the caucus before the votes were counted due to a prior commitment. I just happened to type in "republican caucus district 8 ma" into google and this was the first post on the top of the search list. It is important we keep bumping this thread up because that is the only way I would have found out.

2) Anyone who was there at District 8 remembers that we were all crowded in the foyer of the building to check in with election officials and get our ballots. There were 4 separate lines and there were so many people that the lines were snaking all over the place and criss-crossing into each other. Right before I was next in line to check in the officials announced they would have two lines for Abington-Brockton (I was registered in Boston). The strange thing was that they were checking paper records in large binders. When I moved into the newly created line the officials pulled out a second binder. At the time I thought it was strange because there was no shared database or even a single shared binder. It makes a lot of sense that there could have been discrepancies between the binders. Even if a single page was ripped out by accident there could be 20-30 people who were disenfranchised because of inconsistent paperwork.

3) When we spoke to the election official at Government Center he mentioned that they had tried sending out the most updated registration information to the GOP officials, but for some reason this was not accepted or the officials didn't take interest to it. In a way that makes sense because they would correctly assume people who recently switched are more likely to lean Libertarian than hardline GOP.

4) We should have made a statement out loud before caucus proceedings to try and contact anyone who had a provisional ballott. I was thinking myself of just yelling out loud to see who else got one, because at the time I thought it was really strange. Unfortunately that did not happen and now we are all hoping that last person will somehow find this thread or get contacted. If you went to District 8, or if you know someone who did please reach out to them and ask if they got a provisional ballot. Thanks to facebook, twitter, etc. it actually is very plausible to find the last remaning people out there that were disenfranchised, but this means you have to broadcast that this happened.

Get on facebook and change your status to "Contact me if you received a provisional ballot during the GOP caucus at District 8" - this is especially important if you personally reside in that district and took part in the caucus... who knows maybe that extra ballot happens to be your neighbor or relative...