Comment: Assistant pastor's wife actually attacked my daughter

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Assistant pastor's wife actually attacked my daughter

One of the assistant pastor's wives at my church actually attacked my teen daughter on Facebook over this article! My 17 year old daughter is a big Ron Paul supporter and patriot. She posted this article on Facebook in a spirit of "come, let us reason together" attitude toward so many of our neocon friends who hate RP. My assistant pastor's wife actually attacked her over it! This is how brainwashed some Christians are. I'm sorry, but I was so appalled, I just had to share this. Here's the exchange:

Asst Pastor's wife: not when it comes to foreign policy!

My daughter: What exactly about his foreign policy do you disagree with?

Asst Pastor's wife: Oh let me think. ... Iran just mad at us because don't understand them. If we'd just sit down and talk to them they'd be happy. Ummm... we have no business defending Israel, it's ok for Iran to have nuclear weapons... if we just mind our own business the rest of the world would leave us alone - need I go on?

My daughter:1.) Dr. Paul has never said it's okay for Iran to have nuclear weapons. He doesn't want them to have a nuclear weapon, which they don't have and there's no proof that they do. But if they did get one, how would they possibly be a threat to Israel, who has roughly 300-400 nuclear weapons? Iran attacking Israel with a nuclear weapon would be suicide. In addition, Iran does not want to "Wipe Israel off the face of the map" (a mistranslation, there is no idiom in Persian language for this phrase). Jerusalem is one of the holiest cities in Islam. Muslims don't want to destroy it with a nuclear weapon, rendering it uninhabitable.
2.) Our problems with Iran started in the 1950's, when we covertly overthrew a democratically elected leader.
3.) "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none." Thomas Jefferson. Ron Paul is a non-interventionist, just as Jefferson was. "Defending" Israel is a totally different thing from starting a preemptive war against Iran based on a presumption. In addition, Israel doesn't need the U.S. to defend them. God has promised to do that... and He doesn't need the U.S. to help (Isaiah 31:1).

Our "blessing" Israel (in the form of foreign aid, etc.) has always come at a cost of not respecting Israel's sovereignty as a nation. Ron Paul, in fact, has been Israel's greatest defender when it comes to being able to choose what to do with her own borders, etc. The truth is, for every $1 that we give Israel in foreign aid, we give $3 to her enemies. If we cut all foreign aid, it can only benefit Israel.

Asst Pastor's wife: I rest my case!

My daughter:

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Asst Pastor's wife: here's the deal - it's old news - it's over, done, finito... he's not going to win, never, nohow! Now let's concentrate on realism. Let's vote the right man in to take his seat in Congress

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Me-chiming in: (Daughter's name), thank you for posting this! Ron Paul is a humble, selfless man of Christ. The Lord is truly with him and I am so thankful that God is allowing more and more evangelical leaders to see this. :)