Comment: There's a lot of ill health going around.

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There's a lot of ill health going around.

I've been fighting water fluoridation on our Council for years. I cannot believe the demented basket-cases who still try to say that somehow - because (in their tragically flawed and warped view) fluoride might help children's teeth - then for some inexplicable reason we should all take be violated by being forced to ingest this poisonous industrial waste. Dripping it into the water supply does an excellent job of getting rid of the industrial waste though doesn't it!

We can see why industry (phosphate, aluminium and nuclear especially) is so keen to keep this fluoridation programme going! And the pharmaceutical industries are positively over-joyed at the billions they are making from all the ill-health "early ageing" going around (which doctors may treat as this or that "condition" - but their pharmaceutical industry paid for training would make it extremely unlikely that they would ever suggest fluoride poisoning as being any possible cause).

Thank Heavens this issue seems to be something a Ron Paul Presidency might address. And Heaven help Dr. Ron Paul do this.