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None have been decided in Washington!

Romney forces have CHEATED their way into controlling by not allowing speeches in conventions and simply counting noses! Romney is on track to take all from Washington! They will see in a few weeks. As in 2008, treachery has been perpetrated within the ranks!

The potential was there last Saturday to change the course of events in Washington but it is rumored that someone told the national campaign to cancel the phone calls to Washington's King County delegates, urging them to show up for the convention! RP went from a very possible super-majority to slightly less than a majority on the floor. With that went the chance, however remote and fraught with battle, of changing the rules and throwing out cheated LD caucus results, then replacing the delegates with RP delegates in the biggest county in the state.. larger than several states with a thousand to two thousand precincts!

It is time to focus ever more intensely on phone calling and helping our next President, Dr. Ron Paul... getting folks out to vote... and vote again... (to plagiarize the words of Acorn)!

How many RP delegates come from out there in Washington is entirely up in the air... don't count on it... unless you can change the minds of Santorum and Gingrich delegates to understand the un-electbility of Romney, and the, 'oh so electable Ron Paul'!

That is still a possibility as the GOP self destructs! Time for mailing to delegates to the state convention which takes place at the end of May.