Comment: THANK YOU

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Thanks Rachel, we love you.

To the few with the negative comments,she gave us a very expensive gift! Thank her for it.
To the few Psychoanalyzing , questioning motivation, can't you just accept a gift?
Geeze people, why would anyone come to our aid or be nice to us. Separate yourself from those who help all you want, but your not helping our cause. Not exactly the way to win friends or influence people. I'm working to gain friends and/or help from anyone who will help. Think she is one of the very few investigative reporters left, and a good one! I may not agree with all her views but let me remind you, there are all shades of beliefs in both parties and many of Ron's supporters are democrats!
Think Rachel reads DP, if so:
THANK YOU for your coverage! Love your show, never miss it and your book is a great read!