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Can't you really see how wrong that is?

##1 Fluorosis is a visual indication of what's also happening to the skeleton - leading to "skeletal fluorosis" as we get older - or "arthritis" (or "spondylosis" - they like these names!) as a Doctor would tell us (without mentioning the fluoride connection).
##2 The point about the Iodine is that in salt is that we have a choice!
##3 I can't believe you do not understand the difference between a "concentration" and a dosage! The concentration may be monitored - but you try "monitoring" how much water people are consuming!
##4 The studies show water concentrations as low as 0.5 parts per million can show an effect on IQ.
##5 The fluoride that is in drinking water is a worse poison that flouride in its "elemental" form. Calcium fluoride is the only fluoride the body can excrete. Which is why the fluoride in the body sucks the calcium out of the bones (and teeth!) = because the body is desperately trying to get rid of the stuff!!
##6 Might agree with you on the "Hitler" connection - the evidence given on this was only hear-say and after the war ended. But it cannot be completely dismissed. There is perhaps stronger evidence that Stalin may have used it in his Gulags - and may have had some conversation with Hitler about it.

You might try discarding the force 10 propaganda fed to your profession over many years and start doing some real research. The "precautionary principle" should always apply - if you think there may be a risk DON'T DO IT! You seem to do it the other way round - you are happy to dose the stuff into our water until somebody proves unequivically that fluoride is harmful. Can't you really see how wrong that is?