Comment: To all haters out there

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To all haters out there

please just shut up. Most of us did not just join the rEVOLution cause we're stupid and did it cause someone told us to love liberty. I did my research and finally woke up after years of being misled. And the fact some have to use vulgar language to talk about her or her sexuality just makes us look like the close-minded people we are trying to replace and reaffirms to the unawakened their false perceptions of us. I used to support Bush, am I now gonna be labeled a fake RP supporter because I saw the light later on? She may not see everything RP's way, but hell I don't think most of our general supporters agree with every single little thing he does either. And we sure ain't gonna win her over by bashing her for her reporting on the doc. We have to stop putting ourselves on the pedestal and appreciate the good that comes out of her reporting on the good doctor instead of hating on her. She could easily just ignore us and then what do we get out of it? So I end with this, Ms. Maddow, thank you for reporting on our campaign strategy, even though you may have some other motives behind it. I, along with Dr. Paul and the rest of his APPROACHABLE supporters, are willing to sit down with you and try to show you why our way is the best way for America, because I do think you are a closet libertarian or are open minded enough to consider our positions. Thank you, btw lesbian or not, I would take you out on a date, and no I do not think you look like Ron Paul ;)