Comment: They wont listen to this. The

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They wont listen to this. The

They wont listen to this. The only way to get through to (some of)them is to have them in the frame of mind where you can have an honest conversation, one where they are willing to hear you out and you can listen to what they say.
Once someone is on the defensive or on the attack, it is very hard to get them to change how they are thinking.

All I have to say to anyone here is that you should look into what each candidate stands for and how they have acted in the past. If you know their background, are willing to support them, and know why you are willing to, you have my respect regardless of who it is. If you have given an honest look and made up your own mind, that is all anyone can ask you to do.

Obviously, there is always grounds for trying to change opinion though.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.