Comment: Abolish the Income Tax ... let me tell you why its number 1.

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Abolish the Income Tax ... let me tell you why its number 1.

Of course all of Ron Paul's positions are great, but if forced to pick just one, Abolishing the Income Tax is easily #1.

Why? Because Abolishing the Income Tax begets most all other Ron Paul goals. Of course they still can print money, go into debt, but in a very direct way, government's hands are now OUT OF YOUR POCKET. And even better, out of everyone else's pocket too. In 1913 both the Income Tax and the Fed was created. And we can see, once those two things happened, the future Welfare/Warfare state followed in just a few years. From Woodrow Wilson's stupid WWI to FDR's Welfare state, America has ever since had the Warfare/Welfare state. It grows and grows and never stops.

Ending the Income Tax is #1 in my book because by ending that, you cut Big Government's major Aorta artery that gives it its life-blood. Sure, they still have the printing press and the fact that oil, the precious commodity that replaced gold, is traded using dollars. But I strongly believe that once the INCOME tax is ended and REPLACED WITH NOTHING, then the banking cartel would soon find defectors and "cheats" to their oligarchical system. If that does not do it in, then I am 100% sure that ENERGY technology will. That is, when inventors and entrepreneurs bring us a cheaper, faster, safer energy source than oil, and the banking cartel all based on the dollar's tie-in to oil will abruptly end.

So, if you want to put forth your effort, in my opinion, ending the income tax is where its at. Worried about the internet control, regulations, foreign wars, all that and more? Well I am saying that all these other goals are or can be secondary gained, by just ending the Income Tax. Kill big government by killing its blood supply, and that blood supply is the Income Tax.


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