Comment: who cares what you don't agree on

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who cares what you don't agree on

a person who's spent 10 hours on an issue can find much disagreement with people who've spent a 100.. not every disagreement is worth the same

there's also no evidence to support that without some type of public initiation having the dumb luck to discover something, that the discovery wouldn't have been made at all when left in private hands. there are plenty of examples without government intervention, the fact that you can even list what government has done at all is telling enough. a private list would be infinite, and no one would be dumb enough to even try to list them

socialism is also an issue of degree, just like freedom. in fact proponents of limited government have been saying since day 1 that at our present stage, some government may be a necessary evil

you seem to be saying that since 1% socialism is deemed unavoidable by some, then 99% socialism is ok as well. since it's just a question of definition.. 'hey, if lying makes me a bad person, why not steal and kill too. i mean.. "define" what a bad person is please?' are you 12 years old?