Comment: was a great event!

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was a great event!

there was free cocktails out back on hotel patio for about an hour( I might of had more than I should) Ron came out to a huge standing ovation...he went around to everyone and talked to them and took pictures...I actually got to ask him about abstaining as I have read here on the forum...he said that it varies state to state and he didnt think it would happen...more interesting tho was actually me and my gf talked to Carol for a Looooooong time...after a lil bit she actually opened up and talked about how there fam did get along because of mitts boys etc...however he is not to be trusted...she said she cant believe they are only polling 15% in TX and how mitt is not even going to come to texas...HE IS GOING TO SEND SANTORUM...she was saying he really has no I think we all know that...I talked to Nassem (kinda a dick) and asked about biz cycles ("he dont believe in them") it started to get chilly and we all went inside...I got to know the event planner so she gave me the signal- so I was first inside...Got a table right next to the Dr. who sat with Nassem and Spitznagel...Nassem spoke first---he had microphone problems and really was not a good speaker...he did go off some bullet points and talked about "honesty" and how you need to vote ...basically saying who cares who is winning and Dr. Paul will get his vote no matter what (applause)...then the Dr. came and spoke without notes and MAN he knows how to do it off the cusp!!!!! same message--He did say the effect that he know the votes are not being counted but we are winning from the inside...I was sitting next to a veteran who call banks every day for him...very nice guy! during Q&A the veteran asked how we can get him to the second vote in Tampa...Dr. Paul said he wants to be realistic and does not think that is gonna happen...I dont know if he was down playing the notion or wants his supporters to be realistic ...I WANT A SECOND VOTE DAMN IT!!!...ANYWAY...I got home last night and tried to post to dailypaul and I think I got BLOCKED HAHAAH maybe i was a lil off the chain but guess what I LOVE RON PAUL and my children know all about him and my 14 year old daughter will be getting an autographed END THE FED book-----CHEERS FELLOW PATRIOTS!!! I have some photos/videos if anyone can tell me how to upload??? I have alot of other stuff to say so feel free to ask......