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a few thoughts

"To do that I need to market myself to the delegates going to my State convention so they will vote for me".

So did your state have a primary? Did Santorum or Gingrich win the primary? If so, you need to tailor your message to them. Its a given the RP supporters will be behind you.

Explain to them that you will obligate your vote to the candidates that have always opposed abortion at the state and federal level. That you will obligate your vote to those who will oppose any mandated healthcare at the state or federal level. That you will obligate your vote to those who will support a balanced budget. To those who will reign in federal spending. To those who will eliminate federal department that have no constitutional basis. To those who will eliminate the use a non-congressionally approved czars. To those who promise to return at least some of our Liberties and allow us to live, work and play without federal interference.

No matter how strongly you may personally view ending the wars, stay away from the subject. It is an important discussion for another time and will take more than four minutes to change minds. FOCUS.

Have a standard reply ready for the two inevitable questions.

Ending the wars/bombing Iran. I like the biblical answer given in the post here at DP 'thanks for wearing that' but haven't memorized it yet.

Legalizing drugs. Explain you believe its a States right to control drugs, not a federal obligation. Just as each State control's it alcohol. When its sold, how its sold, where its sold, what the legal drinking age is, etc. Note that is why the Federal govt, when they wanted to enact prohibition, they had to do it with a constitution amendment. The Feds knew at that time they did not have the authority to dictate to the States. My how times have changed.