Comment: ZERO energy in the CSUF crowd tonight.

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ZERO energy in the CSUF crowd tonight.

Just got back from the CSU Fullerton rally and it was really disappointing! Although there were easily 5,000* people there, I felt absolutely no enthusiasm, no "buzz", no excitement in the crowd at all.

I was at UCLA last month and you could feel the energy immediately, from the walk with the streams of people from the various parking areas, to everyone standing in line, and of course to the packed stadium.

Tonight was just the opposite. Standing in line outside the stadium, I felt something was missing right away. It was way too quiet, everyone was subdued, like they were waiting in line at the grocery store. Once inside, I knew it wasn't going to get any better. As opposed to the "horseshoe" arrangement of the seating at UCLA that kept the noise and energy of the crowd in the stadium, the crowd at Fullerton was limited to one side, so the sound of any cheering was directed to the empty bleacher on the other side of the football field, some 70-80 yards away. There were several people around me that seemed fired up to be there, but overall, it just felt dead. My wife, who also went to UCLA, felt it too.

Dr. Paul was great, though. Did his usual stump speech with a couple of new wrinkles that I hadn't heard before. But as far as I'm concerned, the crowd let him down. We just didn't "show up" tonight. That happens sometimes. You see it all the time in sports where one team as a whole just seems flat. That was us at CSUF.

* Wikipedia states that Titan Stadium's capacity is 10,000 [see ] and the home side was full with a lot of people standing at the top.