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You tell them...

...this is not about right or or or is about America...and right and and you.

War is not healthy for children!

What you do or do not do today will directly effect your tomorrows. We have ONE chance to save this country from the evil war mongering banksters that destroy countries and people for their ill gotten gains. LEARN FROM HISTORY!!!

Do some dang homework, DO the right thing. Vote now, because later your vote will not even matter at all.

Why can't the people get it? If California goes to mitney, so goes the country and by this time next year, all those people who were so mixed up about it really mattering whether you are a republican or democrat or green or tangerine, will be sorry they let the country down and fallen to the babalonian divide and conquer methodology. What matters is WE ALL MUST STAND UP TOGETHER AS UNITED AMERICANS against this enemy that has almost killed this country! It does not care what you are, republican or democrat, or whatever, our only chance to take down the beast is in true Unity.

Please WAKE UP people and act like your very freedom loving lives depend on voting in the primary for Ron Paul.

It does!!!