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HATE is HATE and its poison

Do you know this man and his wife?

Email: Jim Rogers (

Email: Paige Parker (

He may very well have been giving money for years and lambasting him
as to what no one does KNOW how he handles HIS CHOICE of donations to whom or where is a childish game of "HATE the RICH"
which is puerile and silly and decidedly NOT Libertarian, y'all.

Its HIS LIFE and HIS CHOICES and you cannot know what or when he has or hasnt done with his money so you are merely HATIN' for your own deep seated NEED to HATE

why not HATE the POOR equally ? or have you embraced the PTB class warfare jingoism?

if so why do you believe you are a Ron Paul supporter?

No I dont need an answer
people who think like that are not worth my time to interact with or even read.

I am not blessed with the phenomenal patience that Ron Paul has

there are plenty of those negative nellies on the utube threads who leave nasty comments on my channels because they NEED to HATE
someone/anyone, especially a female name

one has left a remark on one of my channels that I am
a "zionist whore and should go u kno what myself "

it obviously just needed to HATE and didnt bother to
scroll that channel, HA HA HA

so give up the HATE and hear what others think and say
and allow that others will choose what they do with their money
or lives or where they live or personal plans or bodies or schools, lunch, vehicle,vocations....