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Why Bees Have To Be Trucked In.

Honeybees must maintain a temperature of about 96 degrees 'F' in the center of their cluster. In Maine and other cold climate regions where cash crops are planted in large amounts, and usually treated with something to control the pest population, feral {wild} bees cannot pollinate all the crops because there's just not enough of them.

Fruiting plants only bloom for a short time, so a study was done years ago to compare fruit yields of trucked in pollinated crops and non trucked in crops. The trucked in pollinated crops far out performed in yield and size the non trucked in crops.
Most people just don't realize what a friend to mankind the Honeybee is.
Pollinates crops.
Produces Honey that never spoils if kept dry.
Makes Mead.
Produces beeswax that is used in most cosmetics.
And scares off unwanted visitors !