Comment: You might want to put links like these in your article

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You might want to put links like these in your article

Romney is personal friends with the Rothschild family... private shareholders of the Federal Reserve... Can't even get a good reference from a friend...

Rothschild: “I feel sorry for Mitt Romney,” * OUCH!

And being friends of Rothschilds he is naturally an ally of the FED.
☛Who Are the Owners of Romney & Obama?

For those who don't know it (which is most Americans), The Fed is the national slavemaster. When you are born you get a FED I.D. # (Social Security). Then for the rest of your life and beyond you are taxed. You are enslaved by the debt slavery and tax bondage of the FED/IRS Complex.
This is Ron Paul's Job #1... to end the economic slavery where you are 'allowed' to keep a portion of the fruit of your labors. America became the beacon of Freedom for the entire world WITHOUT the Federal Reserve banking monopoly. The FED is just a front company for about 100 elite banks and corporations. They have hijacked the power of the United States Government'sprinting press and they sure do use it to kill competition, buy the loyalty of all politicians and ensnare the world in an inescapable web of debt.